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About Officially Connected

Officially Connected is a community of Sport Officials improving their skills ON and OFF the field with EXCLUSIVE trainings, tips, tricks and content developed by professional officials with experience in [yada yada yada]. Looking to improve your OFF the field life? Network with other officials who have taken their game experience and applied it successfully in the business world. Officially Connected is for Sports Officials at all levels to improve their work and play together!

Why Should I Join?

Officially Connected is all about OFFICIALS HELPING OFFICIALS, ON AND OFF THE FIELD.  Becoming a member of the community will provide you exclusive insight from sports officials ranging from the Major Leagues to Little League and everywhere in between.  Officiating is a focus, however, making connections that will help members off the field is equally important.  This is an INVESTMENT that you'll find value in IMMEDIATELY!

Membership Benefits

The primary benefit of Officially Connected is having an ability to connect directly with people in charge of your respective sports as well as those individuals who possess insight into a particular profession.  Networking is key to the success of the platform and you'll find the largest value IF you collaborate and engage.  

We'll have live chats and interviews with umpires and referees assigned to MLB, NFL, NCAA Baseball, NCAA Basketball, NCAA Softball, NCAA Football, NBA, LLWS and much, much, more.

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